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I do not receive anything for recommending the following resources. Items are listed in chronological or alphabetical order. 

For men who use violence:

Australia: Men's Referral Service

Canada: Canada's Treatment Programs for Men Who Abuse Their Partners

New Zealand: Public register of family violence and non-violence providers

United Kingdom: Respect

United States: National Domestic Violence Hotline   Offender Intervention Programs Listing by State

Stories in the News:

January 17, 2020: Can you cure a domestic abuser?

December 12, 2019: He tried to kill her twice. Now, she helps him rehabilitate domestic abusers

December 1, 2019: She is not your rehab

November 21, 2019: Changing the conversation on intimate partner violence

November 17, 2019: Men can change

July 11, 2019: Vic Tamati, New Zealand

March 2, 2019: What would I have done if I would have killed her that night?

November 25, 2008: The only way men can change is if they want to

September 25, 2018: ‘Domestic violence prevention course was no cure, but a salvation’

November 17, 2018: 'My wife married a basket case': Kiwi man's journey from hurt child to abuser to anti-violence activist

November 14, 2018: From violence to freedom

2015-2017: Jerry Retford, Australia

December 11, 2016: Family Violence: 'It's possible I would have killed my missus"

May 19, 2016: How I got the dad I always deserved

May 13, 2016: Family Violence: Breaking the cycle of 30 years of abuse

May 11, 2016: Family Violence: When an offender becomes a helper

August 24, 2016: Angry at Home: Take the Emotional Gateway

August 31, 2015: Amy's Story

August 25, 2015: Hello, my name is Brian and I abuse my wife: Can group therapy cure domestic violence?

May 3, 2015: Excerpt: The Psychology of Abuse

December 30, 2014: Confessions of an abuser: I hit women


Violent No More: Helping Men End Domestic Abuse, 3rd Edition by Michael Paymar, 2015 (United States)

Violent No More Workbook by Michael Paymar, 2015 (United Statse)

Interview With An X-Abuser: From One Of The Few Who Changed by D.M. Sanasi, 2014 (Australia)

Emotional Abuse: Silent Killer of Marriage  by Austin James, 2014 (United States)

Unclenching Our Fists: Abusive Men On the Journey to Nonviolence by Sara Elinoff Acker, 2013 (United States)

Choosing to Change: A Handbook for Men Concerned About Their Abusive Behaviours Towards Those They Love  by Men's Counselling Service, 2009 (Canada)

Karen's and Bruce's Story, ~2000 (Canada)

Emiliano C. Diaz de Leon (United States)


Group 2019 (United States)

Something My Father Would Do 2018 (United States) Order DVD in English or Spanish.

It Was Me 2018 (Canada)

A Better Man 2017 (Canada)

Project Mirabel: series of short videos 2017 (United Kingdom)

Our Own Hands 2016 (United States)

Call Me Dad 2016 (Australia)

Films4Change (Australia)

Voices from the River: Lessons from those who have battered & The Art of War: Surviving a Survival-Based Batterer 2014 (United States)

Power and Control 2010 (United States)

Organizations/Initiatives raising awareness about violence and changing ways:

Alberta Men's Network (Canada)

Association of Batterers Intervention Programs (United States)

Battering Intervention Services Coalition of Michigan (United States)

Bridges Institute (Canada)

Caring Dads (global)

Change of Seasons (Canada)

Community Initiatives Against Family Violence (Canada)

Domestic Violence Intervention & Education (Facebook group)

The Duluth Model (United States)

Emerge (United States)

Family Violence: It's Not OK (New Zealand)

Futures Without Violence (United States)

Institute on Violence Abuse and Trauma (United States)

MenEngage Alliance (global)

She Is Not Your Rehab (New Zealand)

Violence Free Families (Australia)

Warriors Against Violence (Canada)

White Ribbon: Australia New Zealand United Kingdom

Healers and Helpers:

How We Talk About "Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence" Matters by Tu J, Penti B, 2020

How Do Men in Treatment for Intimate Partner Violence Experience Parenting their Young Child? A Descriptive Phenomenological Analysis by Henning Mohaupt, Fanny Duckert, and Ingunn Ragul Askeland, 2019

Guidelines for Psychological Practice With Boys and Men by American Psychological Association, 2019

The Role of the Physician When a Patient Discloses Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration: A Literature Review by Penti B, Timmons J, Adams D, 2018

Cheering for the Children: Creating Pathways to HOPE for Children Exposed to Trauma by Casey Gwinn, 2016 

Desistance from Violence: Men's Stories of Identity Transformation by Harilaos Stefanakis, 1998 PhD Dissertation

For adults who witnessed or experienced violence or abuse as children:

Adult Children Exposed to Domestic Violence (ACE-DV) (United States)

Childhood Domestic Violence Association (United States)

ACEs Connections or ACEs Too High (calculate and learn about your ACEs score)

The Work 2017 Film (United States)

Too Close To Me by Dave Pelzer, 2015 Book (United States)

Invincible: The 10 Lies You Learn Growing Up With Domestic Violence and the Truths To Set You Free by Brian F. Martin, 2014 Book (United States)

Other notable change/growth programs for men:

Alternatives to Violence (St. Paul MN United States)

Inside Circle (San Francisco CA United States)

Insight Out (San Quentin CA United States)

Life After Hate (Chicago IL United States, for men and women)

One Last Talk (global, for men and women)

Resilient Leaders Foundation (Australia)

Supporting Fatherhood Involvement Program at Family Centre (Lethbridge AB Canada)

The ManKind Project (global)

Other platforms for discussion on masculinities/manhood and men's violence:

A Call to Men (United States)

Body for Wife (Canada)

The Boys Integrity Project (United States)

Gillette: The Best Men Can Be (United States)

Higher Unlearning (Canada)

The Man Cave (Australia)

The Mask You Live In (United States)

Men and Me Too (United States)

Men As Peacemakers (United States)

Men Can Stop Rape (United States)

Men's Resource Center for Change (United States)

Men Stopping Violence (United States)

Mentors in Violence Prevention (United States)

Reckonings Podcast (United States)

Next Gen Men (Canada)

Promondo (United States, Brazil, Portugal, Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Remaking Manhood (United States)

White Ribbon (Canada)

XYonline.net (Australia)