The Brave Man Book is now accepting stories from men who caused family/domestic violence and changed their ways. Stories are needed to raise awareness and prevent further violence.

The Brave Man Book is a volunteer-run initiative and aims to change the conversation on family and domestic violence by bringing forth the stories of brave men and their families. There is a path to change and choose love over violence for those who are called to the journey. Many people can and do change. It is brave to recognize the error in one's ways, to learn from mistakes, and choose to change. These stories matter to serve a greater purpose; they build a roadmap for others and give hope and healing to other men who find themselves on a path of destruction and want to break a pattern of anger, abuse, or violence. It is imperative to honour these stories of change, growth, and transformation, and to treat them with compassion and respect. 

This website raises awareness around three key messages: 1) There is a path to change. 2) Many people who have hurt others can and do change. 3) Their stories matter and serve to build a roadmap for others. Raising awareness helps people to find the path to change, to believe that they and others can change, and to tell their stories and be believed that they have changed. Our stories are as unique as our fingerprints, and they are the greatest legacy that we can leave. The world would re-organize around our stories, if we could tell them.

As a caveat, it is not enough to simply believe in change. We have to find and walk the path of change, all of us, if we are to collectively believe in change. To quote an old and perhaps overused adage "I wanted to change the world [...] now [...] I realize the only thing I can change is myself." -Unknown Monk 1100 A.D.

To download a print-ready PDF of the infographic below CLICK HERE.