Q: Who is the author of this website?

A: My name is Joan Tu and I live in Canada. This work is important to me because of my own personal story and personal growth journey. I do not accept any payment from this work for my own personal use. There are costs associated with maintaining a website, which currently all come out of pocket.

Q: Is there a book?

A: When this project started in 2016, the intention was to produce a single book. It became apparent that people visiting this website were looking for help, not to contribute stories to a book. This website now serves as an online self-help library. I continue to collect stories that are already in the public realm and share them here. If you are looking for supports and resources, click on I Need Help.

Q: Why doesn't she leave? Why doesn't he change?

A: Both of these questions, asked alone, are over-simplistic and unfair. In exploring these questions, the best answer I can offer at this time is that people have choices and our freedom to choose must be respected. You have choices and your choices are entirely yours to make. 

Q: What about abusive women? The Brave Woman Book?

A: There is a need for "The Brave Woman Book", as there is a need for books to help people in same-sex relationships and all genders. The Brave Man Book is my focus.